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The definition of word "themselves":
+1 rate 1. their selves, their persons
rate 2. pron reflexive form of 'they', sometimes used for emphasis Did they enjoy themselves at the theatre? They asked themselves where they had gone wrong. I think they gave themselves a bad fright. They made themselves a fortune selling sports clothes. They made a fortune for themselves selling sports clothes. (formal) They themselves had no knowledge of what was happening. They collected the evidence (all by) themselves (= without help) . They had the whole campsite to themselves (= They were alone and did not have to share it with anyone) . These facts are unimportant in themselves (= when considered alone), but if you put them together, they may mean more. I wish people would just be themselves (= act in their usual manner) instead of trying to be important. They keep (themselves) to themselves (= do not want to socialize with other people) .
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Tags: themselves, eux-mêmes, elles-mêmes, eux-męmes, eux-mêmes/elles-mêmes, eux/elles, se, se
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